Saatchi Gallery – The International Art Fair for Contemporary Object-

The Exhibition was an assembly of a large variety of curators and groups from all over the world, showcasing their best work.

A group of craftsmen that particularly interested me were Maison Parisenne. The company believes that the combination of culture, tradition, knowledge, and expertise is the key to combining manual skills and art.

A piece that particularly interested me within their collection was a large floating wooden shelf, that has been bent at one end to come around and create a full loop underneath the shelf.  This allowed the piece to not just be a functional shelf, but also a piece of art.

The piece was designed and made by Pierre Renart, much like myself Renart finds importance in the style of a product without forgetting about the functionality.

Other work featured at the fair

I like how there was a large variety of disciplines within the exhibition. All the designer had different and unique approaches to their chosen material, which created a wonderful collection of inspiring work.

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