Dutch Design Week

Dutch Design Week is the biggest design event in Northern Europe, exhibiting work from over 2500 designers, and attracting 295,000 visitors.

The exhibition displays designs of the future, encouraging experimentation and innovation. Exceptional attention each year goes to work and development of young talent.


A designer that particularly sparked my interest was Oliver Van Herpt. He has designed a desktop ceramic 3D printer that makes something of function on a human scale.

Herpt aimed to create something that solves the problem of both scale and function. He has built a delta-style 3D printer that extrudes dry clay, that allows him to make vases 80cm tall and 42cm wide.

His pieces are inspired by woven patterns influenced by vibrations emitting from a speaker creating unique pieces. His collections are made of the thinnest 3D printed ceramic layers, allowing for vast amounts of texture and variety in his work.

Herpt particularly inspires me as he takes his production to the next level. He doesn’t just focus on his designs but how they can produce effectively. Allowing for replicas to be made but also pieces that have slight differences.

Herpt has taught me that the production and functionality of production is just as important as the design. Pushing me to focus on both aspects when producing a product.

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