Week 1

Illustrated map of Manchester city centre.  As a group, we were given a section of Manchester to represent on a illustrated map. In order to grasp the identity of the area, we walked down each street and canal.

We quickly realised that there were definite sections of the map where graffiti was more prominent. This inspired us to create a graffiti map, which highlights the areas of the city that the art is on display.17373040_10212780077600959_651146972_o (1).jpg17474403_10212780276645935_2035353815_o (1)We wanted the streets and buildings to be illustrated in monochrome, to highlight the graffiti and create contrast.  We also made the graffiti 3D to portray the walls they had been drawn on.17103600_10155119394402053_8303880145605266406_n (3).jpgI enjoyed this project as it allowed me to appreciate something that I don’t usually acknowledge: graffiti. By working in a group, it allowed me to understand what other people notice and take from the city, it gave me a different perspective of where I live.

When the final piece was brought together, it became apparent that everyone perceives and looks at Manchester in a different way, through its many identities. This has inspired me to explore more of Manchester’s culture and history.

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