Visit from Naughtone

Kieron Bakewell founder and director of Naughtone gave a talk on how he started his own global furniture business.

The company focuses on functionality, they strive to produce simple designs that don’t need explaining. Allowing consumers to feel comfortable and at ease.

“We like to think that our products perform as you expect them to and are designed with just the right amount of familiarity to make them instantly understood and loved.”

Kieron explained how many people lean towards designing furniture for the home, however, there is also a large market in the corporate sector for office and communal furniture. Their furniture is made to order using their catalog, this means they don’t have large storage units for their stock, saving money. This also means that if companies have a specific request, and would like to add to slightly alter a product  Naughtone has the flexibility to do so.

Kieron’s presentation changed my preconception of furniture design, he allowed me to understand that there isn’t just one route to be taken and that business in design can be very flexible. This has inspired me to think more widely about my designs and the different consumers.

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