Designers in Residence 2016 – Open

The Design Museum

The residence programme is a core part of the museum, providing emerging designers with a space away from their regular environment to reflect, research and develop their practice. This year the designers were asked to respond to the word OPEN;

Someone who particularly interested me was Andrea de Chirico, he is part of SUPERLOCAL They describe themselves as a 0 miles production group that source materials from their direct environment.

“We are a group of designers who believe that the future of production will be characterized by making things locally.”

His work jumped out at me as it is open source; meaning that the production instructions for his pieces are available to anyone. Giving people the tools to make their very own O mile objects.


I like how his work is tackling the world’s extravagant methods of production, addressing the social and environmental viability of it, producing functional local products.

sfondophon_1600_c.jpgMuch like my own work Andrea de Chirico is very aware of making sure his pieces are functional yet stylish. His work has inspired me to continue to not only focus on functionality but to also look at the carbon footprint of my products. It is important that my pieces are sustainable and contribute positively to the environment.

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