Visiting exhibitions has lead me towards designers that channel the same values and ideas in their work as my own. It has revealed to me some values and intentions that I had not fully recognised in my work before. This led me to compile my own list of principles that I can refer back to.

My Manifesto                                                                                                                                         and the designers that inspired each point.

I want my products to be stylish yet functional – (Pierre Renart, Andrea de Chirico)

It is important that my products are sleek yet minimalistic, as I enjoy simple and effective designs – (Ashrad Hanna, Sori Yanagi)

I want to bring cultures togeather, slowly closing the gaps between Western and Asian society, creating a strong connection between the two. This will encourage a flow of cultural knowledge. – (Sori Yanagi)

I want the production of my pieces to be easy, perfect for the mass market. I don’t want them to be one off pieces of art – (Oliver Van Herpt)

I am aware that it is important to be mindful of a product’s carbon footprint and sustainability. In this new world, it is necessary that products have a positive impact on our environment- (Andrea de Chirico)

By visiting these exhibitions it has really highlighted to me that I have a strong set of values that appear repetitively throughout my work, and only by looking at other designers values have I realised that I have my very own set that I feel strongly about.

By creating my own manifesto to look back on it allows me to be more conclusive and effective with my designing.

Other artists that have inspired my manifesto and work. 

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