Stella McCartney and Adidas – Parley Ultra Boost X trainers.

Stella McCartney has partnered with Adidas to create trainers made out of recycled waste plastic from the sea. The process involves replacing the synthetic fibres within the fabric of the shoes, with yarns made from the plastic.

She describes her design style as ‘fundamental’ -“I strongly believe in making clothing that is ethically created and built to last, and this is an ideology I channel into every single piece I design,”

I was drawn to her designs as she is able to create a perfect balance between design and sustainability. Her products are competitive within the market with the added factor of sustainability, a bonus that doesn’t hinder the design. I enjoy how she is aware of her carbon footprint when designing.

She hasn’t just created a sustainable product, she has created excitement over sustainable products within the design world. This has helped educate people on the importance of looking after our planet and opened their eyes to be more aware of the products they are buying.

Her work inspires me as it highlights the fact that sustainability doesn’t have to make a product unfashionable or ugly. There are multiple ways of integrating sustainability into your designs you just have to be aware of it. Viewing her work has prompted me to be more aware of my works carbon footprint.


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