Wen Jing Lai – Westiental cutlery


 Wen Jing Lai has created a set of cutlery that fuses western and eastern traditions togeather to create hybrid eating utensils.

“I wanted to use something very typical to represent a culture, so instead of looking at clothes, I thought that cutlery and dining rituals are very distinctive between the west and the east,” Lai told Dezeen.

Lai has played on the idea of food and culture, a very fashionable idea at the moment with many fusion restaurants opening up all over the country.  The restaurants combine flavours from all over the world. Lai has created the perfect set of cutlery to be used in these restaurants. Acknowledging that the cultures are combining not just through the food but also through dining rituals.

I like how she hasn’t just focused on the shapes of the cutlery but also looked at the materials used. She has combined bamboo and stainless steel both key materials from each culture.

“I hope that this range can promote to the others a better understanding of my own culture across the different aspects of our lives,”

Her cutlery doesn’t just enhance the dining experience it is also a great educational tool allowing people to acknowledge and understand both cultures.

Much like myself, Lai understands that it important for people to be educated on different cultures and learn how to respect traditions. Even though cultures are merging and combining, it is necessary that they are still kept alive. Even if they are adjusted to suit new generations the key traditions are still recognised.

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