Tutorial 25th April

It was brought to my attention that I was looking at helping Manchester become and greener and cleaner city, but my spray painted pots were in fact portraying the complete opposite. The fumes that are produced when you spray paint are detrimental to the environment and defiantly would not contribute positively to Manchester green environment. This is not something I had considered before, I hadn’t thought about how my products production wasn’t eco-friendly and was rather looking at the final piece and how that was helping.

This led me to make a hard decision where practicality and morals are fighting against my design process. I came to the conclusion that if I am going to make a green and clean product, it has to be fully green throughout its whole process, or else I would not feel comfortable promoting a product that isn’t green.

This flipped my project on it head as It meant re-designing my pots. When looking online at sustainable plant pots. I like the idea of the pot being directly planted into the soil, this means that when the seedling has grown and is strong enough, the owner can easily replant the tree, making the transaction quick and simple.  This easy transaction will be appealing for buyers as people enjoy simple ideas that make life easier in the long run.

This simple setup would mean that more trees will be planted as the flow and transaction are quick and easy. Encouraging more people to purchase a tree and replant it. Allowing Manchester to become a greener city more effectively.

I am designing my product to be used in shops and cafés. When the consumer purchases a ceramic wave the money will support the upkeep of the company and allow more seedlings to be planted. They then would adopt a seedling that would grow in the protected environment of their shop. Once strong enough it would be replanted around the city by the charity. The shop could then support as many or a little tree as they wanted. The wave would draw attention to the pots and therefore encourage more people to help support the growth of the green city.

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