Week 6

After exploring the sea and taking close up pictures of the shapes created by its movements, I want to put the patterns into practice. I have explored painting and denting both wood and aluminium metal.

The wood didn’t take to the denting as it splintered and broke, but once spray painted the wood did allow for speckling. However, I did find that it was too flat and the wood wasn’t portraying the roughness of the sea

I enjoyed the speckled effect created on the wood. I was able to achieve this by not just sticking to conventional spray paints but branching out and using a variety of sprays. This meant that when all the different paints mixed they separated creating lovely organic and shapes and colours.

I was able to chip and dent the aluminium which allowed for a more textured product. By scraping and over spraying on top of the textures some beautiful and unique shaped appeared.

I think painting on top of a more slippery surface like metal allowed for the different paints to mix and separate more effectively creating more detailed shapes and patterns. I was also able to dent the metal allowing for more texture to be added. I feel that these pieces relate better to the sea then the pieces on the wood.

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