Week 7

Although I prefer the paintings on the aluminium, I feel I am not able to depict the ocean to my full ability on a flat surface The tree protectors are limiting my design as I can’t portray the sea through straight ridged lines.

This led me to think about other ways tree can be protected. Plant pots are where planted seedlings often start there lives, a place where they first start to grow, until they are strong enough to be replanted somewhere else.

I have no experience with bending or shaping metal so I have decided to experiment with pre-made plant pots. My idea is focused on the patterns I can make on the material, rather than the physical making and bending of it. Once I have finalised the pot I can then expand the piece into a final unique product.

When I went to add texture to the pots I had trouble as they warped and bent when hammered, as the metal is so thin. This led me to look at other ways of adding texture to them


I decided to layer salt in between spray paint as the bumpy texture reflects the shapes found in seafoam. The salt clumps look very similar to the bubbles in the sea, allowing me to add texture without altering the physical shape of the pot. What I enjoy about this technique is that production is easy and simple, therefore perfect for the mass market so there is a large scope to make several for all over the city.

The salt also has great connections with ocean, I feel by adding sea salt to the pots I am allowing a physical piece of the ocean to makeup some of the product.

To create the drippy effects on the pots and to make sure the colours blended naturally I over sprayed the paint, and made sure it built up on top of its self. This meant the paint was uneven and separated creating organic shapes.

I enjoy the outcome produced from the spray paints. The patterns created are unique and represent the shapes found within the sea effectively. However, I don’t think they are stand alone final pieces they miss a diversity of shapes.

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