Week 8 Part 2

I have a week and a half left to produce the two parts to my final piece.

I made the plaster moulds on Wednesday afternoon, and because they were big they hadn’t dried by Friday so I couldn’t slip cast out of them. This meant that I missed the Friday kiln.

Bank holiday Monday – No firing.

Tuesday slip casting so they can be dry for Wednesday’s kiln. Friday when they come out I will have to glaze them that day so they come out on

Friday I will glaze them in the morning and hopefully they will be dry enough to go back in the kiln that afternoon.

Monday – Finished.

If I fall behind on any of these steps my work will come out on the morning of the show. If this does happen I will glaze half of them on Monday and leave the rest unglazed producing a more natural and organic final piece. Then if the glazes don’t look good or don’t come out in time I will still have pieces to show.

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