Week 9

Experimenting with materials for the plant pots.

I want to make sure all the materials used in the pot are eco-friendly and biodegradable therefore producing a sustainable product. I have experimented with coconut husks and natural glue; flour and water, to try and make stable pots strong enough to hold the plants.

With some of the pieces, I incorporated recycled carboard to try and give the pots more body and stability. I found that the messier the pots, the more unstable they were as its harder to control the holes and thicknesses.

Experimenting with natural dyes.

I wanted to experiment with natural dyes, making sure my products production is sustainable. Apparently, if you add baking soda to red cabbage it turns blue however, I found that the dye wasn’t strong enough to effect the dark coloured coconut husk. I also found that when I soaked the coconut in the dye the glue started to disintegrate and therefore the pots feel apart. This has led me to look at stronger less diluted dye that is still eco-friendly, but not homemade.

When I submerged the pot in the dyes the glue disintegrated and the pot started to fall apart. This lead me to include natural string to help tie and hold it togeather.

Ceramic waves

Because the plaster moulds are so deep and curved, when I slip casted the pieces they didn’t fall out. I then tried press moulding the waves allowing me to produce the pieces more efficiently.

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