Urban Sea Bed 


Unit X is a project given within a short time constraint, therefore my ability to cope under pressure was tested. I didn’t have much time to stop and wait for an outcome. Continuous testing had to be done simultaneously. If I put all my eggs in one basket during experimentation, I could have been left with a final piece that didn’t work. This fast paced project allowed me to be placed into a pressured work environment. Designers in the industry always work under time constraints. Working like this has taught me how to work effectively.

Collaboration is a large part of design, it is important to understand how other people work and to be considerate of other peoples design outlook. This project has allowed me to work with a new set of people giving me an insight on how other people can perceive a concept. My previous two projects were very individual, I enjoy working by my self as I feel I can really focus on what I am doing without constantly checking on other peoples opinions. However through this unit I have learnt that other peoples ideas can often benefit my work as it allows you to take a step back and look at it from a different angle.

This project has allowed me to explore Manchester, exposing me to its rich industrial history. It has pushed me to become more connected to the city. This connection has highlighted to me that it is important to physically explore a space, and take the time to be inspired by your surroundings. In past projects, I have relied on books and the internet to gain inspiration, although I always found some great artist it is time-consuming. With a project like Unit X the quickest way to become inspired is through your environment. I have learnt how valuable this physical exploration is

During this project, I have explored Manchester’s connection with water a very fluid and wild element. I had to make sure this very organic form complimented its environment. I found that my pots were a great way of introducing colour as well as playfulness to the ridged lines of the city. The pots allow greenery to come inside. With indoor plants being a very popular trend within interiors I thought it would be a great way to encourage people to support the growth of a green city. By physically buying the tree and seeing it grow the consumer can see their contribution to the green city. Taking away any disconnect achieved by just donating.

I am very happy with my final product; I feel that I have effectively produced a functional eco-friendly object that not only recognises the Atlantics support of the city but also encourages the growth of a greener cleaner city. Allowing me to stay true to my personal manifesto.

Word Count (480)

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